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We are one of the biggest, most active societies at the University of Bristol! With 8 different groups under our umbrella, there is always something coming up, whether that be a show, a social, volunteering, or simply a pub trip. We were voted the Best Society at the Bristol SU Awards in 2017, 2018 AND 2023, and Group of the Month January 2023, and we cannot wait to see what this year has in store!

Our groups put on several concerts a year and take part in events all across the country, showcasing Bristol as one of the hottest spots for UK A Cappella! Over the past four years, we have also hosted the South West’s biggest event of the year, BOSW (Best of the South West), for which we won the Bristol SU’s award ‘Best Event 2018/19’ and were shortlisted again in 2023.

We cater to anyone who wants to sing a cappella – whether this is in a big chorus, in a 4 person quartet or anything in between! Head to our ‘Meet the Groups’ page to find the right group for you. We’ll also provide advice and resources to anyone who wants to set up their own group.

Coming up: Come and meet us at the Welcome Fair on Friday the 13th of September. We will also be holding a Give it a Go! session, with details of this to be confirmed closer to the time.

Auditions: Our auditioned groups will be holding auditions. Date of these will be confirmed closer to the time, although auditions usually take place late September!

Take a look at our Instagram for regular updates on what the society get up to. Explore our SU webpage, Facebook and twitter pages to find more.

If you have any queries, especially if you’re a new member, please feel free to contact us and email committee: committee@uobacappella.org.uk or president@uobacappella.org.uk. 

This could be you this year!

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