Top Note

Top Note is the unauditioned group for upper voice parts; we welcome everyone who can sing Soprano and Alto parts – if you can hit those top notes then come along!

We sing anything and everything as long as its upbeat, from Rihanna to musicals! Our MD team is bringng a new energy to Top Note this year, with a chill yet exciting energy.

Top Note is a group for people of all abilities. No previous experience is needed and you are not required to be able to read music as teach tracks are provided and other people are always around to help. We are the first unauditioned group to release a video – check it out below!


  • Tuesday 6-8pm in Stephenson (in the SU)

Georgia Gamble-Strutt (she/her)

Co-Musical DIrector

George Stansfield (they/them)

Co-Musical Director