Meet the Committee

The committee are in charge of the society’s daily operations and makes sure that our members are enjoying rehearsals, concerts and our range of socials! Each person has a specific role but we all work as a team towards the Bristol SU’s accreditation scheme.

Aaliyah Butt (she/her)


Izzy Fraser (she/her)

Vice President

Wilf Kemsley (they/them)


James Bantick (he/him)


Ken De Leon (he/him)

Equalities Officer

Ayesha Chauhan (she/her)

Social Secretary

Godfrey Yu (he/him)

Gigs Coordinator

James Kerr (they/them)

Resource Manager

Alisha Agarwal (she/her)

Publicity and Marketing

Jess Edwards (she/her)

Outreach Coordinator